Most foreign companies in India need to reinvent themselves: reinvent their offering, their prices, their business model if they are to succeed in the long run. We encourage our clients in taking up these challenges and we assist them in their reinvention journey. The stakes are high in India, the travel takes time, requires flexibility and above all tenacity. But the companies who succeed in the long run discover that the solutions they have deployed in India can be rolled out in most other emerging markets. And even in western markets.


Understanding, learning an extreme market - decoding the rules of the game, finding the right partners, hiring talent, influencing the authorities, investing over time, managing growth whilst keeping a huge bureaucratic machinery at bay, make profits - all of this make up a sort of risky roller-coaster, sometimes depressing. We try to guide our clients through this 'himalayan' journey, we support them in their entry and ramp-up phases by focusing on the added value activities that really supplement their own capabilities and resources.


Successful companies in India have acquired a deep intelligence of the forces at work in their market, they know how to get things done in a diverse, complex business and bureaucratic environment. More over, they have learned to capitalise on India's extreme market conditions to reinvent solutions and products for the world. Hence India becomes a hub for manufacturing and R&D, and for the most advanced India becomes a frugal innovation centre for the world. We help our clients to take advantage of their innovation opportunities in this exciting environment.


  • International advisory firm, with fifteen years of experience in India.
  • Focus: Euro-India business opportunity.
  • Services: Strategy, Growth, Innovation.
  • Skills: strategic thinking, business development, pragmatic problem solving, business intelligence and stakeholder management, frugal innovation.
  • Track record at working with senior executives of MNCs.
  • Multi sector experience: energy, transportation, engineering, manufacturing, automotive, IT services.
  • Network of partners: legal, financial, search and other professional services firms.


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