Growth: What we do

We work hand in hand with the executive team, focusing on the specific activities where we can add value. Three of these specific activities are outlined hereafter:

We often define with our client a roadmap and a concrete program or project to work upon. This program or project can be of different nature - whether strategy, partnership, or investment project. Hence a series of subsequent activities:
  • Strategic objectives and approach;
  • Developing relationships with central and local authorities;
  • Project methodology, project marketing and negotiation;
  • Contract negotiation support;
  • Project funding;
  • Helping to find and select local sub-contractors (e.g. financial advisors);
  • Coaching project team leaders both locally and back in Europe;
  • Organising business development missions and field visits in India;
  • Taking direct charge of some aspects of the project: e.g. finance and/or PPP structuring;
  • Preparing all key communication messages in India;
  • Preparing and facilitating Steering Committee workshops;
  • Drafting executive summary recommendations at each stage of the project;
  • Crafting next strategy moves at the end of the project.
  • Identifying all key stakeholders for a project or initiative: union government, states, local authorities, private sector, local communities, NGOs, medias etc.
  • Specific survey and intelligence on international and local competition.
  • Monitoring a portfolio of potential partners (e.g. developers, contractors, financial partners)
  • Preparing and facilitating specific 'stakeholders' workshops' in India;
  • Developing key messages and influencing strategies by stakeholder group.
  • Coaching executive team on all the aspects of stakeholders' management in India.
Understanding real forces at play in a given business segment.
  • Who are the key players and why? Is the game worth playing?
  • Check on business ethics:
    • Where can we play?
    • Who can be a potential partner?
  • Helping to understand, solve difficult situations.
We can deliver these services on different engagement models, to be discussed case by case. Our experience shows that foreign companies in India find quite easily their lawyers, accountants, realty and executive search advisors. Hence we focus our work on the stress points where you really need added value support, not on everything!

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