Innovation: Our Services

Why travelling to India?
  • "One travels not to change one's location but one's ideas." Hippolyte Taine
  • "To teach something to people, it is necessary to mix what they know with what they ignore." Pablo Picasso
  • "We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" Einstein
  • " We need to let ourselves lose for a while if we are to learn something from the human beings we are different from." Friedrich Nietzsche
  • "Live as you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever". Gandhi ji
Our Innovation offering
  • Learning expedition: a discovery program, a study tour on a theme important to the company, or better a clear mandate from the executive committee. We design and coach a true expedition in India for a select group of senior executives, helping them to acquire new convictions and develop concrete business results.
  • Innovation lab: an idea lab or a design and development lab to create new products and solutions, or reengineer a business model. These labs are created and animated in India, with an interface and/or a mirror lab in Europe.
  • Change management: the main obstacle to innovation is to get it accepted. We work alongside our client project team to bring along their stakeholders and partners over time, and also their own staff whether in India or at the parent company in Europe.
  • Stakeholders management: This is a very specific stream of activities which entails identifying all the project stakeholders, inviting them to participate and facilitating a co-creation process, sometimes a negotiation process on the project benefits and negative impacts, covering all CSR dimensions.
  • Influence and access: Innovation in India requires also a thorough assessment of current regulations and of what can be changed with time. We can help in this area with a tailored approach to get specific access and engage the right dialogue with local authorities.

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