Confidentiality We have a strict commitment of confidentiality to our clients and the work we do with them. Hence, we do not give their names and logos on our web site.
However, if you are interested to know more about us and our approach, we will be happy to give you - in due course- the references of executives we have worked with.

Our clients We work with large multinational groups as well as medium size companies. Our client is often the CEO or a member of the executive committee in Europe. We carry out the work in India in close partnership with the India MD and the local team. We have worked in the following sectors:
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy (clean energy)
  • Automotive
  • IT and KPO
Engagement model We are flexible in our working relationship. We can partner with you on various models
  • Consulting engagement on a contract basis
  • Consulting engagement on a retainer basis
  • Other models - retainer and success fee or equity participation - can be explored.

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London - SE15 4BT, United Kingdom
Tel Europe + 44 77 9193 9492
Tel India + 91 98 1098 5172