Strategy Cases

India Strategy for a MNC in the infrastructure sector
Already active in India through some subsidiaries, this MNC decided to embark on a full strategic review of the India opportunity. We helped a group of senior executives to assess major market segments and also review sourcing and R&D opportunities. We planned and monitored two extensive field visits, covering the main cities of India, organising more than sixty meetings with companies, state government and local authorities, potential partners and suppliers, investors and financial institutions. One of the project's key insights was to recommend a multi-pronged strategy where carving out new markets and testing new offerings would be as important as responding to current pipeline leads. This strategy is now being implemented.

Identifying Innovative Clean Energy start-ups in India
For a group of MNCs based in Europe, we carried out an extensive research to identify, profile and interview 50 start-ups in China and 35 in India. The business segments involved included all key activities of the Cleantech Value Chain, from renewable energy to clean production, energy efficiency, IT related services through to clean distribution and transportation. The aim of this project was to create and manage an intelligent and global database for new Cleantech investments in both developed and emerging markets.

Strategic Business Development for a MNC
Development over five years of a complete business development strategy including - inter alia - country strategy, institutional relationship at the centre, design and management of seed projects, facilitating the coordination of local subsidiaries, influencing major stakeholders i.e. local authorities, other industry players and international finance institutions.

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