Strategy: what we do

Strategic Services
We offer the complete spectrum of strategic analysis tools, based on a solid experience of India and a network of selected contacts:
  • Market landscape: segments overview, market assessment, business pipeline etc.
  • Competitive analysis: regulatory framework, Indian and foreign competition, new entrants etc.
  • Strategic options: direct route versus partnership route, pros and cons etc.
  • Business model and business plan: position in the market pyramid, offering and revenue mix, local manufacturing and sourcing, investment decisions and locations.

Creative thinking
Going for established solutions is often not enough in India. Following the market is not enough either. Price points, bottom of the pyramid segments, distribution issues, costs pressure often require a complete reinvention of the business model. With a lot of opportunities to develop new solutions that can be rolled out in other emerging markets : India is a gold mine for learning, for nurturing new solutions and business models. We challenge our clients to think along these lines and stretch out the boundaries of their expectations.

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