How to approach and leverage India's opportunity? Whether already established in India, or willing to approach the market, any western firm has to wrestle with and solve the following key questions:

  • What are the market opportunities? Industry landscape, attractive segments, players and competition, rules and regulation.
  • How to approach the market? What should be the entry business model to India? Initial strategy and offering: exporting or getting local, through a direct or indirect route. Roadmap to profits?
  • Entering direct or through a partner? Direct entry? Or through a partnership, a joint venture or an acquisition? Or under the wing of a larger western client already established in India?
  • What business model to generate a profitable growth? Which markets segments to serve? High-end, mid market, bottom of the pyramid? Level of indigenisation, local sourcing, local R&D?
  • How to play locally? Developing the right relationship with State and Union Governments, solving small and major hurdles - managing the heavy administrative burden, understanding local competition, being truly socially and environmentally responsible.
  • How to tap into the huge Indian talent pool? Hiring and developing management talent, creating a research and development centre in India, possibly a training institute, taping into IT, digital technology and engineering resources etc.
  • How to exploit the India's advantage? Developing low cost innovative solutions that can be deployed in India, across other emerging markets and back into western home markets.

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